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Bayou bullets 45 acp

bayou bullets 45 acp Bulk Reloading Projectiles with quantity discounts. The lead wire is then swaged into a core. Please please post your results Thanks . For bullets 160gr or less the cost is 9. 40 S amp W and . IF note the big if it penetrates. 45 ACP load using a 230 grain bullet. Our competitive shooters tell us that a group that was the size of a quarter is now the size of a dime. Active Bayou Bullets Coupons Coupon Codes amp Sales for July 2020 MO bullets in 45acp 357 and 44Mag but considering locals like Bayou Bullets. They can now be had with a polymer coating. 465 crimp. 5 for ca 710 fps with very low velocity spreads extremely accurate and very mild but HS 700X does leave unburned powder flakes and would not be considered as clean burning. 45 LC RNFP 250 GR. Looking for loads using Bullseye 200gr LSWC Bayou Bullets 225gr Bayou truncated cone seeing what works. 45 ACP and 9mm. 22 TCM. Compare Discover why our Badman Polymer Coated Bullets are the very best Available in 9mm 40 38 357 44 45 caliber. 0 5. 55 Reviews. Berry s lead bullets are totally enclosed in 100 pure copper plating to cut down on airborne lead and reduce fouling while costing much less than jacketed projectiles. 45 acp SWC and the 9mm 147 gr. 0 grains Win 231 200grn coated SWC from Bayou Bullets seated ay 1. Close. 8Mb 10mm bullet by powder load chart Results from individual chrono sessions all data contained in master file above 07 07 18 10mm Load results G20. We have a large variety of lead bullets for sale from . I also have Acme and BBI on my shelf. Sort By 45 Colt 200 Grain Round Nose Flat Point 250 count 39. 469 crimp. RNFP Product Code MB 45 250 . 064 bullet 3 45 ACP . Also functions as swage backing rod for . 25 quot Powder 4. 45 GAP 185 2m19s Speer Gold Dot LE Duty 45 GAP Ammo 185 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point Case of 1000 20 Boxes of 50 FREE SHIPPING brass case MPN 53977 UPC 0766835 brass 799. You do not have nbsp I 39 ve loaded a metric crap ton of 9mm and . 45 ACP Bullets FMP Frontier . 45 acp PLEASE BE AWARE A s the impact of COVID 19 continues to evolve as well as the instability in some our nation 39 s large metropolitan areas the demand for reloading components is in extremely high demand. Dec 31 2014 Furthermore as Jim Higginbotham points out it 39 s hard to make a . 4 Lone Wolf 5. 22 Hornet. Also 38 special 160 gr. com Comparison shop for in stock ammunition guns mags and reloading at the lowest prices from over 100 online retailers all in one place Amm then found Hytek polymer coated bullets from Falcon Bullets amp Bayou Bullets. 45 CAL. Powder Bul Weight C. Bullet Powder Charge Velocity Group Size. I just got in a batch of 200gr SWC from Bayou Bullets. 2 or 4. I bought the 200 gr LRN and loaded up a test batch of 10 to try out today over 5. 235 quot COL CCI small primers. 44 spl and . 74. Bayou Bullets is a leader in premium coated cast bullets to top competition shooters and discriminating reloaders. A total of 750 rounds was fired 490 through the compensated barrels and 260 through the non compensated barrels. Posted by. Also have Winchester FMJ 230 gr RN on hand as well. We make hardness optimized bullets for the velocity of the loads you shoot. The mold is being redesigned to have a bevel base and wont be available until approximately 11 9 2020. Rating 98 . 452 SWC Cast Lead Coated Bullets Hi Tek Super Coat. L. Like 230 255 gr. data removed for liability reasons 45 acp 4. This new desi. No problems at all in my Springfield TRP my Colt Officers or my Glock 21. 45 Colt. 45 but that is because I am lazy and want to shoot less. 9mm 40S amp W 38 . 375 Jan 27 2017 I like Bayou bullets except for the smell when fired . 458 SOCOM coated bullets. 452 Diameter. Thanks. K2man Registered. Plus a wide variety of reloading amp shooting accessories and gun maintenance vises. I am interested in 115gr to 125gr wad cutters or round nose as well as semi wad cutters. 1 028 fps 1 7 8 Feb 19 2016 Bayou Bullets My first pistol Loads. 3 W231 and they perform well. 00 . did you checkout the sites I shoot JHP for defense and cast for plinking. a 160 grain pill and 45 acp case full of 2F is a nice light recoil. So far mostly lead. 45 Cal. 45 ACP 200 Grain SWC Grooveless Brinell 12 For Target Velocity Hi Tek 2 Extreme Coating Price per box of 500 Price 49. 50. 1gr of Power Pistol CCI 500 primers Remington nickel cases. 45 ACP Brass Rare Ammo Bulk Ammo Cheap Ammo On Sale Ammo all ammunition shown on our website is in stock and ready to ship. Active Bayou Bullets Coupons Coupon Codes amp Sales for July 2020 Missouri Bullet Company offers premium lead bullets at affordable prices. First loaded 200gr LSWC 2. The ones from Bayou Bullets are the absolute best Loaded to 1. 96 gr RN NLG 1000ct Sep 29 2020 . 40 S amp W some of the . 45 caliber cartridge named the . HS 700X and Rem 2. 452 Flat Rate Shipping is included in the price Category Hard Cast Bullets 45 LC 255GR . 45 ACP 230 Gr. Copper Plated Bullets. 30 Carbine 30 30 . 41 Apr 08 2020 45 ACP Bullets for Reloaders This page is products that only contain bullets meant for shooters who reload their ammo. 357 45 ACP . All data listed is for the above components. 300AAC. 45 ACP 230gr. When selecting a powder for the . 45 ball . Best Price AMMUNITION. It comes in 100 count bags. Sep 13 2015 The cleanest burning powders I have used in 45 ACP are VV N 310 Clays and WST. Doesn 39 t lead the barrel create the smoke typical with lead amp lube are cost effective vs. I still buy from both companies. 223 . Active Bayou Bullets Coupons 9mm . Every 1911 I have put them in has run fine. Using bullets from Carroll SWC Metallic 68 SWC Carroll FN Bull X FN Carroll RN. Your source for bullets primers tactical packs once fired brass and more. I am wondering if any of the typical style cast bullets work best or worse. Due to the high demand we are no longer taking phone orders Store Hours Tue Sat 9 00a 12 00p EST Closed Sun Mon 941 451 7357 2383 Tamiami Trl S Venice FL 34293 The 45 Colt has always been a quot lead bullet quot cartridge so factory ammo will have . Much less soot amp much less unburned powder in the barrel. There is a formula for optimal bullet hardness which is simple and it is worth knowing Optimum BHN PSI 1422 x . lswc 45 acp target loads 45acp sig p220 swc h amp n bullets 45 acp load n310 in200gr swc reloading bayou bullets 200 gr lswc in n310 powder talk forum shooting plated swc bullets in a p 220 sig 220 shoot swc sig p220 ejected rounds crimped sig p220 reloading talk forum Coated bullets are strongly reccomended during the cold season . This load develops 900 FPS and is in common use among IPSC and IDPA gunners. 0 ish of Clays and a 230rn Bayou Bullet in my 625 for ESR 4. Jeremy Law Police Officer jeremy. 265 gives me 171 PF out of a Trojan and 174 out of a Sig 1911. I started reloading 9mm 45 amp 223 a few months ago and it is time to reorder 9 and 45. Starting at 28. com carries all the ammunition you need. I still have several . Same for the 200 grain . 4min 5. Sep 14 2017 My bullet supplier uses Brinell Hardness 21 for all his lead bullets. A good bullet in 9mm in the right place the spine will get the job done. This is a discussion on Bayou Bullets My first pistol Loads within the Handguns forums part of the Gun Forum category Picked up a 500 count of 200gr RN Bayou Bullets to feed the 1911. 45ACP 5 quot Stainless Pistol White Dot Rear Red Fiber Optic Sights 8rd Magazine Cocobolo Grips Aluminum Frame Stainless hardware Brand Kimber Bayou bullets load data. 45 ACP there are many good options. Active Bayou Bullets Coupons Coupon Codes amp Sales for October 2020 231 was my least favorite powder in . Reloading Components Handgun and Rifle Reloading Bullets for Sale Online. I had to load down on my 9mms or have leading. data removed for liability reasons Jul 30 2011 45 ACP IDPA Reloads Competitive Shooting. RCBS 9mm . Each bullet is swaged to size and weight plated and then swaged again to the specified diameter. 11. Lowest priced bullets I 39 ve found and they work great 9mm coated bullets. 40 cal 10mm coated bullets. I used to use berry 39 s bullets but I now have a new favorite company and you will be my primary pistol bullet supplier from now on. Lee 200 grain lead bullet 4. 45 ACP We know that many of our readers own . 45 ACP pistols in my gun safe and I 39 ll carry any of them for defensive purposes without hesitation. Home gt Pistol Ammo gt 45 ACP. 0 4. They are more than accurate enough for the 25 yard line I don 39 t get to shoot at 50 yards that often . 202664 7 Aug 2015 The . Will 9 115 is currently not available. Backorders can be placed on our Backorders Page. Bullets tested below sit squarely and have a quot suction pop quot sound when pulled out by hand. Made in the USA. From the same sources 4. 7 WLP Colt GC w PDP5 2. Bayou Bullets 45 acp. 10mm. Feel free to call us at 702 645 7542 with any questions or to place an order Bayou bullets 44 Bayou bullets 44 Jul 25 2016 True I carry a . The bullet shape was good no they are not plastic coated but they feel very slippery. 4gr of Titegroup. Gun Show Appearances Click each location for more details or view the full calendar below. These bullets are new plated bullets. They frequently have free shipping or 10 off sales. Muzzle Average dB 135. 45 acp over Bayou Bullets the answer seems to be yes GT Bullets 45 Caliber 9mm 38 Caliber 40 Caliber 400 Corbon 41 Caliber 30 Caliber 44 Caliber 32 Caliber 380 ACP Brass 45 70 Shotgun Gift Certificates 25 Cal Lead ecommerce open source shop online shopping store X Treme Bullets features copper plating applied electrochemically to a precision swaged lead core. 45 ACP NRA Bullseye Loads Oregon Trail Handgun I got a sample pack of 100 of the . Been reloading the 45 acp since 1972 my first auto was a Star model PS next was So I sent an email to Bayou bullets and when I got home I had a voicemail nbsp 23 Sep 2020 We get excellent accuracy from their 9 45 cal bullets. I think if you search the old list you will see these loads repeatedly. 5 of VV340 behind an HG68. 25 ACP. I surfed their website and located the 225 grain Flathead which is essentially a cast lead version of the old Hornady 230 grain truncated cone Sep 29 2020 . Delivery Assurance Guarantee I like the way Bayou Bullets 200gr SWC punch clean holes and Rainier RN 230gr are a good plinking round. Powders were mid to fast and spanned Clays Target WST Sport Pistol N320 and 244. I have seen a demonstration placing a Bayou bullet in a torch flame and melting the lead out the back leaving the little coating sack hanging in the forceps. I have shot over 5000 of their 185 swc and had excellent results. 454 Casull . Bullets seem nice and well coated. 45 expanding bullet will do or one might equal . Great discussion on the bullets was fascinated at the reuse of Military ball bullets. True jacketed bullets not plated. FunnyAsDuck is an independent artist creating amazing designs for great products such as t shirts stickers posters and phone cases. 45 ACP 215 amp 230 GR Lyman Cast Bullet Data 40. So my hand loads for 9mm and 45acp are both at the upper end using so a more affordable poly coated bullet like Blue Bullets or Bayou Bullets is popular. 225 quot Berrys bullets. It 39 s a lot like Unique in that it may be the only pistol powder one ever needs only a lot cleaner burning. Jump to Latest Follow 1 2 of 2 Posts. Sportsman 39 s Guide is your source for all things Ammo and Shooting. 2 Review s 142. We have a great supply of in stock bulk . 380 and the coating was thin and I 39 ve run Missouri Bullets Friendswood Bayou BBI GAT etc with good success through the XD45. 45 acp 140 39 s in the . Aug 02 2015 There are a ton of cast bullet manufacturers out there but I highly recommend Bayou bullets. 20 off 1 months ago Acme Bullet Company Coupon Code. 38 Specials. In 45 ACP I will switch to BE 86 when my limited supply of Unique is depleted and have not thought too much about a starting load but would like Dec 03 2018 I 39 ve been using their bullets for quite a while. So much that I thought Id give them a try in my Glock 30. Why choose ACME lead cast bullets Our premium reloading cast bullets are made with certified 92 6 2 lead for a Brinell Hardness BHN of 16. 10 off 1 months ago Bayou Bullets Promo Codes amp Coupons July 2020 Couponsoar. 950 fps. 45 Jun 07 2017 I shoot piles of the 200 grain wadcutters from bayou bullet. 4 of Bullseye under a SNS Cast 230 grain with no lube ring at 1. 673 Precision 45 200 SWC 200 199 L SWC Black Bullet Clays 3. Donnie Miculek Jerrys brother. The base of the bullet is also fully coated in copper. 380 and quite a few 223. 45 ACP 225 GR Lyman Cast Bullet Data 38. . I m more or less leaning towards the 185 200gr end of 45 bullets. Your firearms will thank you. I have had great luck with Bayou Bullets. Did I damage some of the coating while loading I don 39 t know. lswc 45 acp target loads 45acp sig p220 swc h amp n bullets 45 acp load n310 in200gr swc reloading bayou bullets 200 gr lswc in n310 powder talk forum shooting plated swc bullets in a p 220 sig 220 shoot swc sig p220 ejected rounds crimped sig p220 reloading talk forum Aug 12 2010 Donnie has great 230 gr 45 ACP bullets. I am impressed with the way you shipped the bullets all bullets in individual holes. I cant tell much of difference between Bayou and Blue Bullets. pdf Attached is a pdf of all the Bayou bullet data I nbsp 4 Apr 2020 If you 39 re considering getting your first . 4 stock barrel loads 4. 95 Cast Bullets Currently casting our 45 caliber 255 grain SWC hard cast bullets limited amounts of 45 70 330 grain RNFP HP and 45 70 420 grain RNFP. Dec 15 2011 I ordered a small batch 300 of 45 acp Bayou Bullets a couple of months ago had pretty good luck with them and decided to order a couple of boxes of 45 and 147 gr 9 mm. I shoot exclusively 230 RN for ease of feeding. 45 GAP Glock Automatic Pistol 9mm Luger Parabellum 9x18mm Makarov If you order from us thinking that you are buying loaded ammo you will be Pre Order This item will be available on 7 29 2020. 0 grains of VV320. Mar 21 2014 It burns much cleaner than WSF over the same bullet. For experimenting I think I 39 ll start with the 225 grain bullet because Hodgdon has load data for this weight. . FREE SHIPPING FOR ORDERS OF 1 000 OR CASE QUANTITIES . 411. All would lead before and now it took three patches Sep 26 2011 The combination of heavy bullets and fast burning pistol powder gives the least amount of felt recoil. Bayou Bullets site states quot works well in polygonal rifled barrels quot on the main page. During this test we showed no decrease in accuracy and no signs of barrel wear. Discussion Starter 1 . Its Jerry Miculik brother and the 225gr . I did buy some of their coated bullets awhile back but only loaded shot a box just to see how they did. I shoot 200gr SWC and 230grn. I fired both the plated bullets I had been using and then the Bayou Bullets at 25 yard paper. Just ordered nbsp You can not practice with powder puff loads and expect the same results with ammo that makes a PF. 95 134. 15 quot 20lb kimber stainless lw . CMJ 200gr FP. Never had success with lead bullets in 9mm. Mar 04 2016 200 grain and 230 grain in the 1911s all . 45 pistols with no problem. I have a friend who swears by 4. level 2 Jun 24 2008 Has anyone had experience shooting cast bullets in the RIA 1911 GI or similar models in the 38 Super. I have been shooting Precision coated bullets I believe they are the same coating for quite a while in . The polymer coating used on these bullets is Hi Tek Coating. 45 Colt . 2 4. 45 bullets are fantastic. 4 We offer USPS flat rate shipping at the rate of 16. 45 ss Stainless LW . 50 Cal coated bullets. data removed for liability reasons 45acp 4. Best load I 39 ve found so far. 38 spl . These perform with 215gr Semi Wad Cutter Point bullet sized to . 68 for 500 Bayou bullets 44 Sep 04 2015 I note the exterior ballistics of the . A BP case that needs no filler ammo that I can run in all of my guns and side ejection so no puff of smoke coming up in front of my sights. 452 quot bullets and so should most reloaded ammo. All the major powder manufacturers make propellants with appropriate density and burn rate characteristics for the . Ordered some 200 gr FN which I can use in the 45 Colt and 45 ACP. 45 ACP 185 Grain Semi Wad Cutter Red Coated 1000ct. 45 acp load. 230 OAL WLP 735 FPS Reloading Components Handgun and Rifle Reloading Bullets for Sale Online. 40 S amp W 139. 9mm to . I assume the same as the SNS with lube groove. My Gen4 G19 and G34 have NO residue after 20 passes with a standard bronze brush. Mar 19 2010 Bayou Bullets Black Bullets International. 95 1419. Jan 16 2020 Because there is no wax lube I don 39 t get the soot that 39 s left behind with traditional lead bullets. I have a 45 70 sharps rifle and just recently received my order of 500 grain spire point bullets. Filter Bayou Bullets Coupon Codes Discounts and Deals. I was looking to find out if it works well or not. 62x25 Ammo 9mm Ammo 9x18 Ammo Makarov Rifle Ammo. 25 caliber to . The same improvements in ammo technology that have upgraded the 9mm. IDP 1 Grooveless. With lead 200gr SWC I have to use 5. 45 ACP BLACK. Jul 12 2019 Only difference in SP and LP 45 brass is aggravation in the press when trying to load one and the other shows up. There 39 s no excuse for a 45 Colt or 45 ACP cartridge with a . What a great load My other go to load is 6. All were 230 gr LRN some Moly coated and all were accurate fed well and no leading. Sep 29 2020 . This is a lead semi wadcutter bullet. 95. 10 off 7 days ago The latest Coupons and Promo Codes of Bayou Bullets can be found here 45 ACP items from 10. The once fired cases have been magnetically screened machine sorted and meticulously hand inspected. Add To Cart. ACME Bullet Company also sells Speedloaders and Reloading Brass. Bullets are made to order please visit our shipping policy page for more details. 40 S amp W and . 4 LW 5. Flat rate shipping up to 2500 . O. com Jun 24 2014 I picked up 2 lbs of unique for the 45acp and 9mm. Whether you are looking for rifle ammo handgun and pistol ammo rimfire ammo shotgun ammo ammo cans ammo mags reloading supplies or ammo accessories RareAmmo. 82. The cores are copper plated then restruck Bayou Bullets Promo Codes amp Coupons June 2020 Couponsoar. That is a pretty standard design based off of the H amp G 68 bullet. 85 DiAMETER 1. Order Placement Policies nbsp 45 caliber was required in a new handgun. 62 Nagant Ammo 7. However I almost always shoot the heaviest bullets for caliber as I like the recoil impulse better. Check out our . com . 45 ACP except case or swaged lead bullets and almost all were either real H amp G 68 or RCBS 452 201 KT 200gn SWCs. As often said your results may vary and every gun is different. 452 std . 44 MAG SPL 180 Grain Round Nose Flat Point 1000ct. I am just starting to load the 38 special swc for my 686 I see recommendations between 3. 45 ACP Model of 1988 x 5 . 230 RN NLG . A wide variety of cheap 45 ACP ammo in stock with fast shipping. 45 ACP culminating in the adoption in 1911 of the quot Cal. 45 Long Colt ammo handgun AmmoSeek. 85. Jan 4 2015 www. 3 of Clays and a 200lswc will do a decent job as well. 38 Super caliber and 230 grain . I like Falcon gt Bayou because Falcon uses some molds that cast TC shaped bullets amp Bayou has more RN molds it seems. Add to Cart. 45 Auto Rim. LSWC is 3. Ship fast. 37 Full Auto Jul 19 2013 Leading with a well fit bullet will be zero to minimal up to 1600fps. They are lead covered in a hard translucent green lube coating. 22 Nov 2016 Heard all the praise so I bought bullet sample packs of 9mm and 200gr amp 225gr 45acp bullets. May 22 2019 I was using the 200 Grain Round Nose Flat point in . 45 ACP is much maligned when it comes to talk about putting a The 160 grain bullets were polymer coated cast Bayou bullets. No lead deposits certainly no melting that I was aware of. I have used 3. Acme Bullets Coupon Updated Daily 2020. 45 160gr Button Nose Flat Base Groove 644ct. There are two that fit the purpose based on reading forums. l4w A database of . Everything for old obsolete calibers and modern too Reloading supplies and bullet molds. 8 grains of Bulleye or 4. 45 ACP 230gr Number of Rounds 50 Velocity 880fps. 45 Colt . Donnie is a super nice guy but I really like dealing with Jim and Ryan at SNS. 452 quot 250gr 750 4000 fps 50 Box Redding Profile Crimp Die . r GunDeals is a community dedicated to the collection and sharing of firearm related sales. Feb 06 2012 I use 4. Initial inspection was positive. I 39 m loading my first 45 acp rounds. CMJ Bullets are world renowned for their superb performance accuracy and consistency. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 2 3. 99 As low as 29. jacketed and look cool to boot Jan 30 2013 I have tried titegroup in my 45 acp behind cast boolits. 200 quot COL Winchester large primer. This included shooting over 50 000 rounds through three different guns. 200 grain and 230 grain in the 1911s all . OAL 1. I 39 ve also used loaded a lot of the Acme Hi Tek coated bullets with excellent results. PC Bullets are more accurate. Add to . 469 nbsp bullets reloading reloadingbench 45acp guns shooting idpa 2a 9mm I 39 m using Titegroup with Blue Bullets similar to Bayou amp SNS in a Glock 34. 125 quot . 45 ACP 200 Grain Round Nose Flat Point 1000ct. 32 ACP . Flat Rate Shipping is included in the price Category Hard Cast Bullets 45 LC 250GR. Bayou bullets load data Bayou bullets load data Coupon code Coupons Code Promo Codes . 45 ACP 5 quot barrel 7 Rnds 599. 45 ACP Action Trainer Dummy Round 10 Rounds Sports amp Outdoors. Category Hard Cast Bullets 45 ACP 230GR . A major drawback to the smaller lighter faster FMJ bullets is their tendency to overpenetrate. These are our cast lead bullets coated with Hi Tek Super Coat bullet coating. 38 Cal coated bullets 38 Super coated bullets. 00 per 65 lbs. That combination nbsp Coated Bullet InformationSupported TeamsWhat 39 s NewVideosSponsorships. 45 acp handloads. 45 ACP Brass Once Fired Brass We have once fired and new unfired brass cases. 45 ACP 200 Grain SWC Grooveless Brinell 18 For Major Power Factor Hi Tek 2 Extreme Coating Price per box of 500 Price 49. It isn 39 t a good revolver for hunting purposes and if you might need to use it defensively the lead bullet especially if flat nosed makes it better than almost anything FMJ and rounded. round s 2 above 44 cal 45 cal and 500 S amp W. 45 ACP Cast Bullets 90. Feb 23 2016 Anything resembling a P 45 ACP load mustn 39 t be used and you lose nothing significant by dropping pressures a little from the standard military load. 45ACP 5 quot Black Nightstar Pistol White Dot Rear Red Fiber Optic Sights 8rd Magazine Gray Laminate Grips Aluminum Frame Stainless hardware Apr 04 2017 A . 452 Bullets are a very common caliber and are used in a number of handguns as well as some rifles. They are all good. All of our products are proudly manufactured in Mississippi . IDP 4 XD Hi Tek. 6 gr loads are Nov 16 2014 45acp Bayou Bullets 224gn TC HiTek coated. Please read before you order Delayed shipping Due to the high volume of orders please allow up to 10 to 12 weeks for your order to be shipped. While I chose another load for my 39 keeper 39 there was nothing wrong with the TG load. An Article in the 39 Making Match Grade Ammo 39 Series is Available Figuring out what size bullet you should use is a question we hear a lot Mar 23 2013 My standard IPSC IDPA 45 ACP load has been a 195 205 gr SWC over 5 gr Bulleye for 40 years. 45 Ballistics Chart to find the specifics of your 45 ACP. 3 gr Win231 45 ACP Ammo 45 GAP Ammo 45 Long Colt Ammo 50 AE Ammo 7. I use Bullseye for . Like Fred I favor WST but have used Solo 1000 with equal success. 180 quot COL Winchester large primer. 2 gr of titegroup for 45 acp 200gr swc in my les baer wadcutter. Apr 25 2013 3. Then select your bullet weight powder manufacturer and powder type. This seems to answer my original question of does WSF burn dirty. Products Store 45ACP 0. You can get great koted moly or poly bullets from Precision Bullets or Bayou Bullets. I would get lead bullets from mastercastbullets. 0 for 180 200 gr lead or coated bullets. 45s. X Treme Bullets are proudly made out of the finest materials available in the United States in order to ensure performance delivered down range with each and every shot. 9mm 115gr JHP RN Bullets Version 2 . 45 ACP data is now available in the Load Data tab at the top of the page. 375 1. 45 GAP Glock 45 Long Colt. Jan 15 2019 In my wad gun I like Bayou bullets 185 grain swc. Joined May 4 2014 124 Posts . Will be ordering more soon. Please CLICK that thumbs up button and SUBSCRIBE for gaming vids hobby collecting Apr 04 2020 Good Powder Choices for the . 10 off 4 days ago The latest Coupons and Promo Codes of Bayou Bullets can be found here 45 ACP items from 10. 45. com Comparison shop for in stock ammunition guns mags and reloading at the lowest prices from over 100 online retailers all in one place AmmoSeek. Bought some 45acp from Bayou Bullets for my first 45 efforts used Bayou for 9mm 38spl . 8 9mm 136. From either I would get the softer alloy and NOT the 20 BHN bullets. 00. 38 55. Bayou bullets load data To understand bullet descriptions and abbreviations like quot 45 ACP 200gr LSWC HP quot see my Bullet Types page. 40 quot in diameter weigh at least 200 grains and exit the muzzle at a velocity of at least 1 000 Hand cast lead bullets for black powder and smokeless powder firearms. 32 Auto 7. I 39 m new to reloading and I can 39 t find any loads that specify Bayou bullets or any of the other small I use bayou bullets 230 gr RN with 5. 00 Firearm and Gun Forums Firearm and Gun Forums Ammunition Reloading bayou bullets . 45 ACP round has a 230 grain bullet that travels at nbsp 45 ACP 185 Grain RN Hard Cast Lead Wild Bunch Bullets. factory ammo. 270 they feed in most . Close Reset. should be at least . It was not a good decision. 45 ACP. 9 MM and 45 ACP bullets source Rocky Mountain Reloading RMR Feb 15 2017 The beginning of our reloading journey Unboxing 300 rounds of Bayou 9mm bullets. This I believe is no accident. Saves a little lead a little less recoil and a little more velocity. We use a unique heat set quot HI TEK Supercoat quot manufactured by J amp M Specialized Products P L in Australia. Custom hard cast bullets with a bernell hardness of 18. I believe they were the first or one of the first with the hi tec coating in the U. Jul 28 2020 ACME Bullet Company is a manufacturer of Lead Cast Hi Tek Coated bullets amp Lubed Bullets . Click to expand Over 60 profiles and grain weights of the shooting industry 39 s Superior Plated Bullets. These are their hi tek coated lead. info. 2 quot Comp loads 71 G20. 45 ACP 185 Grain Semi Wad Cutter Red Coated 1000ct. 45 caliber bullets with Accurate No. I have no leading no excessive smoke and accuracy is un affected. Other sizes available upon request call or email for options. Aug 20 2014 45 acp load data with n310 and 200 gr. The standard issue military . 451 Diameter. For the nbsp 45 acp 4. Our once fired brass Find what you need in four easy steps. 45 ACP Reloading brass and bullets for sale with free shipping. 8 . 563 0. 25 in a competition and practice environment. 0. WST may be just a little less smoky but less felt recoil from the Solo. 154 In Stock. Suitable for all standard pistol velocities. 3 gr Clays 5. That 39 s more than 33 increment. 273 in 32. 45 acp over Bayou Bullets the answer seems to be yes Bayou bullets load data. Sub Categories. I believe Bayou Bullets sells the coating for home use. you can get them direct from berrys free shipping or slightly cheaper from Powder Valley but you have to pay shipping so it 39 s only cheaper if you need some other stuff from them on the same order. 80 1 000 80 45 ACP 200gr Plated RN Bullets 45 Cal 200gr Round Nose Plated Bullets. 45 ACP Auto Rim Brass This brass is new unfired unprimed brass from Starline Brass. Along with the entire firearms i Long live the . which usually works out to 2 000 bullets for all bullets weighing less than 240 grains. 50 . I use them exclusively in my IDPA ESR and CDP and USPSA Revolver loads. 3 to . Receive 10 off 90 off when you shop at Bayou Bullets with Promo Codes amp Coupon Codes. Active Bayou Bullets Coupons Coupon Codes amp Sales for July 2020. RN Sized to . 32 ACP. 45 ACP IPSC Major Loads Oregon Trail Handgun Data 8. 2 BE should be an acceptable starting point for just about any . 1. To me the 231 had the most recoil out of all. I have cycled thousands of rounds of Bayou bullets May 06 2014 The Bayou 45 ACP 200 Gr. It compares favorably with Magtech 230 gr. and although we are working a lot of overtime Bayou Bullets has chosen to absorb those costs in nbsp 8 Mar 2019 Bayou Bullets is back and we are coming for Ascension Parish Come catch us at Nic 39 s Bar on March 16th We will also be at Park Place on nbsp Amazon. 40 S amp W 147 39 s in the 9MM. com. 5 quot barrel RMR thick plated 230 1. 20 off 3 days ago 10 days ago 4 days ago acme bullet company discount code 20 off 20 Off Acme Tools Coupons amp Promo Codes March 2020. My 45 load is 230 grain Precision 3. That 39 s why I 39 ve chosen to use the Buffalo Bore wadcutter round in my . I 39 m loading with Bullseye I 39 ve seen a huge range in recommended loads so I thought I 39 d load a range to start 3. Generally Glocks dont get along with SWC design bullets and I started to thi There has been a fair amount of buzz about Bayou Bullets so I recently bought a small batch of 300 to try out. In short use a HARD CAST bullet and keep velocities in the mid low range. 250 quot then Truncated Cone 225gr at 1. The next bullet weight would be 135gr to 150gr. Save Share. the plated bullets look nice but are a fair bit more then the coated bullets. If I ever find another 45 ACP revolver I will have one of those for sure. 200 RN NLG magma FB 103. 45 ACP 185 4. 00 Aug 07 2015 Additional ammunition was loaded with Bayou Bullets 39 polymer coated 115 grain . 45 Automatic Pistol Ball Cartridge Model of 1911 quot a 1. 5 grains of w231 both with a . In . My data sources are Lymans 49th Lymans Cast Bullet handbook and the most recent Lee Modern Reloading guide. . 32 H amp R Mag. 452 DIAM. Frontier Metal Processing manufacture CMJ Restrike bullets since 1996 and has over the years perfected the process to a product that is used by top shooters around the world. This produces velocities in the 610 fps range with single digit standard deviations and very good accuracy. Aug 25 2011 Ive been extremely happy with Bayou Bullets 200 gr. 45 113. i Your source for once fired brass and shooting supplies. The 200gr LSWC were a bit iffy at that length a little contact from the bullet shoulder shortened them to 1. 45 ACP 200 gr SWC over the past few months replacing a moly coated bullet I 39 d been using. 147 160 gr. Sep 25 2010 The 45 s I shoot in competition will feed an empty case from the magazine so SWC s are not a problem. I like lead bullets for the economy and accuracy and Missouri Bullet s offerings have been universally good for me. Reply. LSWCs shot extremely well. 451 Diameter Bullets. No lube smoke and out of my STI Ranger they were Jan 09 2014 I 39 ve shot Black Bullet International Bayou and SNS. Test Fire S amp W . 45 Caliber Bullets . 7 grains Clays 1. 125 Powder 5. 452 RN Product Code MB 45 230. Oregon Trail 200 LSWC WW452 6. Take a typical . LRN out of my 1911s. The latest Coupons and Promo Codes of Bayou Bullets can be found here 45 ACP items from 10. 45 acp target loads. LSWC. im leaning towards the ruger blackhawk bisley 45 long cot 5. 2 4. 2gns and working up from there. 3 mm long round with a bullet weight of 230 grains 15 g . 69. ACME Bullet Company manufactures the 45 ACP 175 SWC NLG Hi Tek Coated bullet. Bayou Bullets Coupon Code. 465. The Number 1 Rated Cast Bullets Competition Proven Designs Premium Custom Casting 45 ACP 230gr JHP Bullets . Your source for once fired brass and shooting supplies. Jun 12 2015 45 acp case inspection 45 acp reloading basics 45 auto rim reloading data 45 basic cartridge 45acp 185jhp zero bullet go into chamber good but when i cycle the gun they are hard to get out of the chamber causes of jam on 45acp rcbs 452 201 kt reloading 45 acp data reloading basics 45 acp reloading data for 45 acp reloading pistol ammo We now have all dimensional diagrams available for review a growing how to section that details how to get the most out of our products a way to search our products by keyword like caliber and cartridge name. I also have been reloading my own cast bullets for as long. 7 to compare muzzle rise with these bullet weights. Other supplies coming soon. However I shoot the SNS now in . 5 quot barrel nbsp 20 Jun 2011 ACME Bullet Company manufactures 45 ACP 175 Grain SWC Semi Wad Cutter Bayou Bullet over a top end load of Trail Boss as listed in the nbsp 14 Sep 2014 For example I reload 45acp with 200gr SWC. Either of these Missouri Bullet Company Bayou Bullets I 39 ve had good luck with Missouri but you can order smaller quantities from 10mm bullet library Legend Procedure Disclaimer 10mm Master Load File 772 Glock G20. com threads missouri bullets coated vs non coated. 230 quot I think Donnie gave me those start s . 9 gr Bullseye 4. I consider it to be the go to bullet for a 1911. 454 Cassul Lehigh Defense Xtreme. Glock does not recommend using lead bullets. 8 4. Many use 3. Black Out Bullets Jan 20 2020 With the Bayou bullets I had problems from the get go with scraping the Hi Tek coating and or getting the loaded rounds to fit flush in a case gauge. Jun 01 2010 hi guy for awhile now i have slowly been adding to my collection i just got 2 molds a rcbs 255 grain and a lyman 325 grain gc i got the dies the powder had dale put my name on miha list for his 45 long colt hollow point mold i have some brass i got the dies but still looking for that one 45 long colt gun. com Call 1 833 AIM FIRE for more information. Again thanks for the info guys Russellc Bullets 45 ACP 230 Grain FMJ Armscor 1000. 45 and it is good with BBI Gallant and MBC in the light loads I make. Great bullets and fast shipping. I 39 ve loaded and shot about 1500 coated Bayou Bullets in . 4 oz. 240 quot great. The 45 ACP aka 45 Auto was designed by John Moses Browning in 1904 and eventually adopted for use in a certain little known handgun called the 1911. 45 followed by WST Clays Titegroup then 231. Why should you buy from bayou Great prices. 452 diameter. 380 Auto ammo handgun AmmoSeek. I worked just fine in my 1913 vintage 1911 but did not have quite enough power to work the cycle on my early 2000 39 s newly made 1911. 125gr Precision Bullets over 5. Also just like you said the engineers drawing of the . 5 barrel. 68 for 500 Mar 19 2010 Bayou Bullets Black Bullets International. All shoot well. 4. Rating 100 . RN bayou bullets. com Jun 20 2017 I use the Bayou Bullets in 9mm 38 357 and . 1 months ago Bayou Bullets Promo Codes amp Coupons July 2020 Couponsoar. gunandgame. 2 will just be more potent but not excessive in most guns with those bullets. If you hit the heart 3 or 4 expanded 9mms will do about what a . per page . We also have 3 000 count bullet bundles for bullets weighing under 155 grains which ship for this same amount. 5 quot barrel Bayou Bullets coated 200 RN 1. 688 0. 7 WLP Colt GC w PDP5 1. 200gr. Hornady bullets Bitterroot Components and Remington. 45 Caliber Bullets 185 SWC Zero Free Shipping over 25 w insurance tracking and no tax added Comparing Prices Most of our competitors are adding 7 to 12 for shipping plus insurance and some have a handling fee too. Add to Compare. 45 ACP which is the caliber of choice for one of the most famous and recognizable pistol nbsp Missouri Bullets Coated vs Non Coated Gun and Game The www. 45 ACP Bullets FMP Frontier CMJ . Powders include Alliant Accurate Hodgdon Winchester IMR IMO the 45 acp conversion cylinders are great for someone that wants to run BP cartridges with reduced recoil. 45 ACP Auto ammo handgun AmmoSeek. Best lead alloy is no harder than 10 12 BHN pure lead and about 1 2 tin makes a fine casting alloy that work quite well in most guns some barrels have Shooting an XD M 5. So far the rifle enjoys these bullets as they shoot great. I was looking at Missouri Bullet Company since they have a military LE discount. I have been thinking about using a coated bullets Bayou or Precision and just wondering if they are worth the extra cost if I am just punching Aug 02 2013 I am in the process of developing loads using Bayou Bullets 200 grain LSWC bullets. 45 Colt . 380 all worked well . I am not sure I would do it again but I love the one I have. Min Charge Max Charge Optimal Charge Bullet Make Bullet Type Jul 29 2014 Bayou Bullets 200 gr FN 45 Cal. 45 ACP Ammo at low prices. Really That 39 s good to know because when we get around to our bayou 115 39 s I was going to shoot them in all my 9 39 s except the pm9. I also powder coat bullets and they are also clean . USED Auto Ordnance 1911 A1 Competition . 45 ACP 230gr FMJ Bullets 45 ACP 230gr Round Nose FMJ Bullets. I use that bullet and 3. Nov 16 2014 45 acp 4. Select your cartridge type from the drop down list. I also really like the 160 gr 38s in my 38 Short Colt ICORE Open and Limited and Steel loads. 45 ACP and . com Jul 05 2018 The resulting . I 39 m playing with BE86 powder and so far it 39 s great. 185 gr plated flat nose is one option. Based on measured weights of several dozen bullets the Bayou Bullets are more consistent with a 15 lower standard deviation. 7 grains of bulleye and 4. I 39 ve been very pleased. 8 gr. 200 RN NLG . 45 ACP length cases. 6max COL 1. 45 ACP Bayou bullets is back and running now and cannot wait to get my order in. Entire bullet is plated so there is no exposed lead. 452 Typical . 45 ACP are very similar to the . Sep 27 2020 . Bullseye is by far my favorite powder in . I crimp them at . I was shooting for 170ish PF and was surprised every load in the 625 was about 10PF higher than my P220. 577 caliber. 8 of titegroup. 5 Item s Show. 90 The PSI of your reloads is published in the reloading manuals. 45 ACP Weight 9. 20 off 7 days ago Acme Bullet Company Di. Does anyone have experience with this powder. Bayou bullets load data Bayou bullets 44 Jul 12 2019 Only difference in SP and LP 45 brass is aggravation in the press when trying to load one and the other shows up. PLEASE BE AWARE As the impact of COVID 19 continues to evolve as well as the instability in some our nation 39 s large metropolitan areas the demand for nbsp I 39 m new to loading this type of bullet having loaded FMJ and JHP rifle pistol in the past and have not yet been able to load and test them. 223 Original Poster 2 points 2 years ago I recently tried out lead bullets and I am really enjoying these 158gr SWC Bayou Bullets over 3. 45 70 coated bullets 475 coated bullets. In Stock Free and Fast Shipping I 39 m very new to reloading doing 9mm and . I have only used the 9mm 115g round nose at this point and have yet to purchase 45 39 s. trunkcated cone flat point for sale 45 acp truncated cone bullets 45 lead bullets tc 45acp thuncated cone bullets best 185 gr flat point 45 cal bullet best loads 45 apc 225 gn tcbb favorite loads for 45 acp 230 grain trunicated cone hornady 250 grain fmj truncated Aug 20 2019 As with . 45 ACP Handloaded Ammo Performance. 45 ACP including 300 BLK Subsonic. Feb 21 2020 HP38 is my main powder for any 9mm bullet type does ok with Bayou BBI and Gallant coated. Have shot both coated lead from Blue Bullets and Bayou bullets and FMJ bullets. KIMBER CUSTOM 1911 LW . scount Code get coupon codes. 15 quot 5. 5 4. Bayou Brass and Ammo is a Combat Veteran Owned and Operated Businesses. The only pistol powder I have ever used is W231. The most popular 45 ACP bullet we offer popular in USPSA IDPA and ICORE with both semi auto and revolver shooters alike. May 28 2017 45 acp 230 gr. Seems to be a pile of 9mm Data but slim to none nbsp You guys that shoot Bayou Bullets in your Glock 45 acp have you found that anyone particular one is more accurate than the others Do you nbsp 29 Jan 2013 They passed plunk and cycling tests and will be headed for the range this weekend with my 1911. 1 of 231 . and 135 gr 9mm. 45ACP reloads 5. All three work well with the 185 to 200 gr. 32 Cal coated bullets 32 20 coated bullets. Here is a pdf I created with all my test data for the Bayou Bullets in various 9mm pistols. I personally like Bayou BBI or ACME coated lead hardcast bullets due to them being cleaner to load and shoot and smoking a ton less than lead. If you 39 re unsure or just want options check as many boxes as you 39 d like. 5 quot barrel Xtreme 200 HP 1. 0 gr. Easier to clean than my Sigs and 1911 39 s using similar reloads. Details. 45 ACP pistol you should read that thread. Add to Wish List. 25 OAL and . 45 1000ct 103. 8 gr of titegroup for the hardball amo 45 acp 230 FMJ in my ball gun. 200 gr. My gun has proven exceptionally accurate using N320 with bullets from 180 grains to 230 I load the 45 39 s with 200SWC Bayou Bullets. The only problem I had was some flaking of the bullet 39 s hard surface coating in the bullet seating and bullet taper crimping stations which I consider only a minor annoyance. Every order i have placed with them has shipped same or next day. 275 which I presume is max length. I load 230gr 200gr 185 gr pills like the accuracy amp neat holes of the 185gr amp 200gr best. 380 coated bullets . Exactly the load that I use for Bayou 39 s 230gr RN as well. Choose Options. Bullet Manufacturers in alphabetical order Bayou Bullets makes coated cast lead bullets. 230gr. 45 auto rounds available today. WOLF POLYFORMANCE 45ACP 230 GRAIN FMJ 50 ROUND BOX Winchester USA Handgun Ammo . com or Missouri Bullets. I think once my barrel is needing replacement I will have saved considerably more on premium TMJ clean fire range Ammo. 22 TCM 9R. I 39 ll use up the rest of the uncoated lead bullets first before getting into the coated bullets more heavily. Just starting to reload and getting help from a friend who is experienced but deciding on what powder and bullets I should start with. Mar 10 2016 In 9MM I have a supply of 115 LRN and 124 LRN and in 45 ACP 230 LRN all Bayou Bullets. That 39 s what Master Class shooting is all about. Bullets on the web site are priced at quantities of 100 500 1000. 45 ACP loads became clogged up in the heavy clothing and showed severe over penetration but the loads that expanded successfully did so with impressive results. 45 ACP and some . PC Bullets are cheaper than plated or jacketed ammunition and are still accepted at the range because the alloy is wholly encapsulated there is no exposed lead. 94. 452 quot lead bullet to NOT chamber due to tight throats. Our shipping and customer service departments are doing their best to make sure every order and customer is being taken care of. Use this . 45 Long Colt Coated Bullets. 42 per round plus shipping. 2 gn. I have been using Penn Bullets and found them very good. 452 quot projectiles from Berry 39 s Bayou Bullets Donnie Miculek brother of Jerry Required but not included Dillon Swage Backup Die Body p n 12184 Dillon 9 16x18 Lock nut p n I push Bayou bullets at close to 2 000 FPS in a 30 Carbine and the coating has never failed leaded or smoked. 1gr of WST to get no leading in the barrel. Finished the nickel plated brass target ammo to be sent out. 451 . 8 gr TG behind a 200 gr cast swc in 45. The very first production at Frankford Arsenal was marked quot F A 8 11 quot for the August 1911 date. In a word I thought they were great. Professional shooters use this formular depending on what type of pistol game they are shooting. 45 ACP Cast Bullets reloading data with 90 loads. We Engineer to Order amp build purpose built Weaponry for extreme LongDistanceHunting amp Shooting. Do you ever used coated cast 45ACP If so checkout Bayou bullets. Gunzo that looks like the old 454423 45 Auto Rim Elmer Keith bullet unless I m mistaken. 45acp over Bullseye and Titegroup I 39 ve loaded bayou bullets Missouri cast and acme all coated in nbsp 1 Nov 2015 I 39 m having intermittant FTFs with my . 17 Hornet Ammo 204 Ruger Ammo 22 Whether you are looking for copper plated bulk reloading lead safe or sporting handgun bullets CAMPRO offers an impressive array of bullets to take your shooting up a notch. The consistency and accuracy of CMJ Bullets comes courtesy of the design. 45 ACP load using a 200 grain LSWC bullet 5. 45 ACP FMJ or HP Ammo. 460 S amp W . 45 ACP IPSC Heavy Bullet Major Loads P Oregon Trail Handgun Data 5. ACP RN 230 GR . I d been looking for a full power . Pat and I have had no problems with the bullets or any build up in our barrels. 45 ACP. Also some 124gr 9mm. All brass have large pistol primer pockets except those listed as small pistol primer. 7 4. 45 1. 45 ACP 45 GAP 45 Long Colt 454 etc are some common uses. I 39 ve moved away from poly coated bullets because none except the Bayou with the bevel base will feed through my LnL bullet feeder die. For the serious competition shooter we offer our 45 caliber 200 grain SWC and 38 caliber 144 grain WC Match Grade bullets. 45 ACP 200 GR Lyman Cast Bullet Data 72. Tested with 9mm 0. 45 ACP handguns and load for this extremely accurate classic cartridge. Our process starts with a lead billet that is extruded into wire. Length 6. I 39 ve loaded the 45 over 231 and the 9 over WSF. 45 Cal 230GR RN. Nov 25 2013 My loader uses Tite group on 9mm and Universal clays on my 45 ACP. 464 . The batch I received were very consistent. 65 Browning ammo handgun AmmoSeek. Bullet Bouquets Coupons 2020 Flat 50 Off Verified 50 off 2 months ago Search Bullet Bouquets coupon codes on your browser and from the listed coupons pick a suitable deal copy the coupon code and paste it at the particular object checkout on the Bullet Bouquets website. 45 ACP for a while because I had a lot of bullets and figured it would be simple to use it for both . Feel free to call us at 702 645 7542 with any questions or to place an order Dec 11 2017 I just loaded 1000 of those 185 Nosler with 6. This of course makes me happy as well. 25 quot with a . I find them to be priced competitively very accurate no smoke like some lubed lead and no leading issues in Glocks or 1911s. All once fired cases have been decapped and have large pistol primer pockets unless otherwise described. Penn Bullets is the number 1 cast bullet manufacturer. 20 off 3 days ago George Pistol Ammo. 380 and the coating was thin and did you checkout the sites I shoot JHP for defense and cast for plinking. Please bear with us at this time. 223 30 32 380 9mm 38 357 10mm 40 44 45 Rim Rock Bullets is facing increased demand while working with our staff to keep everyone healthy and safe. 45 ACP Ammo . I 39 m using 4. 7 WLP My . If precision pistol most bullets with 4. Give Bayou Bullet 185 grain swc 39 s a try some people don 39 t like the hi tek coated bullets but they work great in my wadcutter 1911. 25 45 ACP in CDP for IDPA. 10 off 2 days ago The latest Coupons and Promo Codes of Bayou Bullets can be found here 45 ACP items from 10. 750 Precision 45 200 SWC 200 199 L SWC Black Bullet Clays 3. 7 grains of 231. 45 ACP bullet perform badly The late great Jeff Cooper used to opine that an adequate defensive bullet in a handgun irrespective of bullet type shape etc. This is the perfect bullet for anyone shooting 45 ACP in IDPA. Those of you scoffing at anyone that runs smokeless through them need to do a little homework. Other than that they shoot and reload the same. He loads it up for sheriffs and cops for competition. Parabellum cartridge have also upgraded other favorite defensive loads. 45 acp bulging not chambering Steven updated 1 month 3 weeks ago 2 Members 2 Posts Reloading Apr 04 2020 Good Powder Choices for the . Due to the high demand we are no longer taking phone orders Store Hours Tue Sat 9 00a 12 00p EST Closed Sun Mon 941 451 7357 2383 Tamiami Trl S Venice FL 34293 I am extremely pleased with the performance of your bullets. The 45 does run at a lower pressure than the other 3 magnums so H110 296 may not be the best choice. 30 Luger. Rim Rock Bullets understands the importance of the health and safety of our customers team members partners associates 4 I think that it has been about 45 years since I fired any thing out of a . Need load for 45 ACP with Bayou bullets. bayou bullets 45 load data bayou bullets 45acp load data bayou bullets coating bayou bullets load data for 45 acp bayou bullets price bayou bullets price increase bayou bullets price list bayou bullets pricing bear creek bullets load data cast lead 9mm opinion does bayou bullets cause leading n320 9mm powder for bayou bullet 200gr 45 Colt Bullets found in Lehigh Defense Xtreme Penetrator Lead Free Bullets 250gr . I just ordered another 1000 9mm bullets today. The lack of smoke from the Bayou ones was very impressive. 2 days ago . The go to choice for shooters Precision Delta is a leading manufacturer of ammunition and reloading components. S. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. 3 . I can 39 t see the value in this unless it was relatively close in price. I ordered 230gr. I 39 ve loaded and shot 10 39 s of thousands of rounds of Bayou Bullets . 458 325 grain FTX Hornady Free Shipping over 25 w insurance tracking and no tax added 9mm 380 ACP Bullets 090 grain HP Speer Factory 100 . In Stock Free and Fast Shipping Hi Tek coating is clean shooting and handling. 45 ACP round shows a round nose not specified at 1. 45 acp. Recently I 39 ve been using a lot of Hi Tek coated Bayou bullets for my . 45 acp case is damn near as wide as it is long so you are dealing with an almost square case that CAN be a little troublesome at times. Quantity 1000 bullets Manufacturer Armscor Bullet 230 Dec 29 2011 Precision 45 200 SWC 200 199 L SWC Black Bullet Clays 3. For all bullets weighing more than 160gr the cost is 12. in 45 ACP. To further test the bullets coating we shot over 30 000 rounds of the 50 000 through a mostly stock XDM 9mm 5. These will be my first pistol hand loads. Their are other MatchMeisters that use Bayou 39 s of different weights at lest 5 or more I have seen. I 39 ve been loading for about 5 years several thousand 9mm 38 special recently . 0 grains of Bullseye. I used Javelina for years close to the same as the lube you 39 re using . Dec 11 2017 I just loaded 1000 of those 185 Nosler with 6. bayouadvancedweaponsystems. I have found that they work well in the 158 RN or SWC design. Fired 50 each of 9mm 357 and 45 ACP. I ordered these nbsp I bought some powder coated bullets from Bayou. Heeled bullets ringtail bullets hollow base bullets for sale. in 9mm etc. Durtarg. Apr 04 2014 It burns much cleaner than WSF over the same bullet. Custom LW . 45 ACP coated bullets 45 Colt coated bullets. Problems from the start with feeding extraction and so on. I shoot a lot of their 200 gr HP and it 39 s very accurate out of my XD 45 Tactical. I still prefer the Precision Bullets. Here you can order 100 of any of our bullets. The bullets I loaded were RMR extra thick plate 230 gr RN mostly a few X treme 230 gr RN. My favorite indoor bullsye load for the 185 gr. Mar 22 2017 For 45 ACP best bulk price is 0. 45 ACP sixgun. 45 cal swc. jpg. Sign up for our Newsletters amp Offers. I am thinking of starting out using the following for 9MM OAL 1. Don 39 t miss the bulk FMJ and JHP . To find 45 auto rounds ready to fire please head to our 45 ACP ammo page. 45 ACP is less likely to do so and consequently may be a better choice if limited to non expanding ammo. The length of the bullet helps reduce the empty case volume when used over small charges of fast powder such as VV N310. 45 bullets in one flat rate box. bayou bullets 45 acp